Trade BTC team

Trade BTC Team

Trade BTC caters to people who wants to make money by trading and exchanging money. Trade BTC has three active members. Bit Boy: The programmer who does all the technical work regarding the operation of the website, including coding and scripting. Bit Exchequer: The treasury who deals with buying, selling and exchanging bitcoins Bit Speaker:

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BTC Trading & Exchange Made Easier

Trade BTC has been launched recently. We have set up accounts on various payment processors such as paypal, payza, neteller, skrill etc. We have also set up our btc wallets for buy/sell and exchange purpose. We have set credited our various wallets with reserve funds. Since    buy, sell and exchange BTC is an expensive business,

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Trade BTC: Invest in the BTC Trading Website

Trade BTC is Bitcoin trading and exchange website. By using our website, you can not only buy and sell Bitcoins but also exchange Bitcoins with other e-wallets. For example, if you want t BTC against your paypal funds, you can exchange your paypal funds with BTC through our website. Likewise, if you want paypal funds

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