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Are Airdrop Worth The Stress ?

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Airdrop has been one of the ways by which people earn free coins by simply carrying out simple tasks such as sharing the Airdrop information on social media , inviting their friends to join the Airdrop , etc.

Some people have been able to earn some coin through it but the issue here is that the amount earn from Airdrops are very low. At same time many people have been able to lose a lot of funds through it ,as some of them after demanding and collecting money for has fee from people turned scam. 

Presently , Twitter has started banning accounts sharing Airdrop information and Telegram also restricts people for months for sharing Unsolicited Airdrop messages to individuals and groups. Bearing this in mind , is it still Profitable participating in Airdrop , considering the fact that you will be asked to share about the Airdrop in social media and doing so may lead to one losing his accounts.  Is there anyone here who has benefitted hugely from Airdrops ?