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What is Cardano?

Cardano (ADA) is a third generation cryptocurrency, which runs on Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus, Cardano features smart contracts that can be used for various decentralized applications. Cardano was created by Charles Hoskinson. The Cardano blockchain was developed in several stages and seemed slow. Cardano starts from the era of Byron, Shelley, to Voltaire. In the Byron era, Cardano's basic functions were defined and the Shelley era distributed node control to the Cardano community. The next era, Voltaire, will include smart contract features and decentralized application development (dApp). Cardano uses Haskell programming language, with this Haskell language, Cardano team can verify Cardano code officially. The Cardano development team used mathematical uncertainty to examine the strengths and weaknesses of Cardano functions. In terms of technology, Cardano consists of two layers, namely the completion layer and the computation layer. ADA asset transactions are overseen by the payments layer, while the compute layer handles smart contract computing and decentralized applications.

Staking service at Cardano started in July 2020. What is Staking? Staking plays an active role in validating transactions on the blockchain with a PoS mechanism. Although PoS and PoW have the same goal of validating transactions and adding new blocks to the blockchain, they use different technological mechanisms. Staking is much cheaper than mining, Staking does not require expensive equipment, and the staking process is easier. Many investors take advantage of the staking process while waiting for prices to rise.

Cardano Price History

In January 2018 the price of Cardano reached an increase to $1.31, but in the next three months (April) it fell to $0.15, and at the end of 2018 to $0.04. Since 2020 the price of Cardano started to rise to $0.19, on January 01, 2020 the price of Cardano was $0.03 and at the beginning of the year or January 01, 2021 the price of Cardano was $0.18

Cardano Price Prediction

Currently Cardano ranks 3rd on Coinmarketcap, ADA price is $2.40. Circulating Supply 32 Billion ADA. Max Supply 45 billion ADA. Based on the Trendline Cardano price is expected to reach $2.50 by the end of this month (September) and during this year (September 2022) Cardano price will reach $4.00

Where to Stake Cardano?

On last Monday 13th September 2021, Cardano has launched its inaugural Smart Contract. And did you know 70% (22.4 billion ADA) of the circulating supply of ADA is at stake. Of course, investors or ADA holders for long-term investments will use this golden opportunity to get rewards from staking while waiting for the price of ADA to rise. and they will get an ADA stake reward of 6.09% per year. ADA holders or investors need not be confused, because many places are available for ADA staking, so we can choose the best Staking place. Here are 9 places for ADA Staking:

1. In addition to being accessible via the web, it is available on mobile applications, both the App Store and Google Play. If you deposit an ADA, you will get rewards of 3% per year for 3 months and paid every week, there is also a Flexible option with an interest of 1% per year. .

2. Kraken The Kraken Exchange was invented by Jesse Powell and is based in the US Kraken users allow ADA staking with around 4%-6% rewards. A very easy way, users only need to deposit ADA, and choose Assets to stake, and will get rewards every week.

3. Binance Since February 2021 Binance has opened the ADA staking option, with rewards of 7.79% per annum. minimum to stake1 ADA, maximum 500 thousand ADA. You can lock or freeze ADA for 30 days or 60 days, and rewards will be paid every day.

4. KuCoin For Kucoin users can access Pool X Earning, for ADA staking, with a yield of 3.5 percent per annum flexibly.

5. CEX.IO UK crypto exchange, offering ADA Staking also offers ADA staking with a profit of 2.6% per year and can be withdrawn at any time without a fixed period. Staking returns are sent to the user's account once a month.

6. Yoroi Wallet Yoroi is an online wallet, available on Chrome, Edge, Firefox extensions. and Android and iOS mobiles. Rewards between 4.84% to 5.12% per year. Paid every five days following the 20 day period of receipt.

7. Daedalus Wallet This wallet is only available on both Windows and Linux desktops. The features of the Daedalus wallet will be too difficult for beginners and will be more suitable for those who are experts in Cardano technology. First you have to choose one of the available Pools to grant voting power rights, and rewards will be given every 5 days.

8. Atomic Wallet Atomic wallet is available on mobile wallet and desktop wallet, Cardano staking will get 5% rewards, minimum crypto to stake 1 ADA, max 10000 ADA, minimum period of 19 days.

9. ExpressCrypto ExpressCrypto is a micropayment wallet, for staking Cardano it takes a minimum of 10 ADA 4% yearly reward rate, When Stake starts, Cardano will be frozen for three days. Rewards will be given every day and will increase your balance.