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What's Firo?

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At first, Firo named ZCoin was the result of the Bitcoin hard fork in 2016. So there are many similarities between Bitcoin and Firo, among others, Max Supply 21 million Firo, Also similarities in the halving system that is every 4 years, Block processing time every 10 minutes. Firo is a type of privacy coin that applies zero knowledge proof and the Lelantus Protocol. ChainLock feature is available.
Firo is integrated with renVM allowing users to log in and out of the DeFi ecosystem without KYC. Firo also has a Masternode which allows Firo holders to get a reward of 35 from the block reward, by locking Firo in the masternode feature, To be able to participate in the masternode it takes at least 1000 Firo. Firo is the first crypto to implement the MTP (Merkle Tree Proof) proof-of-work type so that it is possible to mine with GPU and CPU,
For me, Firo is just a cryptocurrency as well as an investment instrument. Currently Firo ranks 421st on Coinmarketcap with Firo's price being $7.30
Firo Price Prediction
According to my prediction using Trendline, Firo's price will be $7.60 in September next year, so it won't be very profitable if it's a long-term investment.