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Why you need to use Binance for Peer to Peer Trading .

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When it comes to peer to peer trading ,there is usually fear by people on the safety of such trading and most times people are easily scammed .

Binance peer to peer trading has been one of my favorite way of withdrawing money to Fiat Currency. Their peer to peer  platform is very secured ,because they have made it in such a way that peer to peer merchants on the site must have an asset equivalent to the amount a user wants to pay for. With this , if the merchant fails to send the fund to the user after the user has paid and provided payment proof , Binance will froze the merchant  account pending when their investigation is complete , they will then transfer the fund the user if he won the appeal against the merchant. 


Simultaneously , if one is selling his fund , Binance has pop information telling the user the necessary steps to take before releasing the fund . The user in this part of peer to peer trading can only be scammed if he release the fund against Binance warning without confirming the payment using his mobile banking app. 


Have you tried peer to peer trading in Binance before ? , Do you have questions on this , drop it and I will attend to it. 

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I am not a fan of peer to peer trading, and I have never done peer to pee trading. You might get a better rate when you do peer to peer trading, however, there is also a lot of risk involved because it is easy to get cheated. I have heard many horror stories regarding peer to peer trading. However, I do not mean to say any negative things about Binance peer t peer trading because I have never used this.