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Bitcoin usage expands in Tennesee

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In the United States of America, there are some states that have shown their support for cryptocurrency and there are other states that are still not ye convinced. Overall, the country as a whole has not yet had any form of legal regulations surrounding cryptocurrency, with former president Donald Trump even going so far as to say that cryptocurrency is a threat to their dollar fiat currency and therefore under his ruling it was not viewed favourably. However, various states have different views on cryptocurrency, with there even being a cryptocurrency conference that was held recently in Miami. 


One of the states that seems to be expanding their horizons when it comes to cryptocurrency and bitcoin usage is the state of Tennessee, as a recent development has shown that they are allowing property taxes to actually be paid in terms of bitcoin. This shows that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is being recognized as a way to pay taxes, and therefore it is not a stretch to say that the regulations and full adoption of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is not that far away. Do you share this viewpoint?

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Am glad that more countries are adopting the use of bitcoin. El Salvador has even taken bitcoin usage to a new level by making plans towards having it as a legal tender come September 7 2021. 

I believe that more adoption by other countries will surely help improve the confidence in bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. The price of bitcoin will surely rise to a Considerably amount as more people adopt it. Many people have also made fortune through it usage as it is one of the coins that deserves to be trusted.