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Do you still expect BTC to reach $100,000 before end of the year?

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Lots of speculations was beckoned around BTC earlier on when it was still on the bullish side. Especially during the time when it reached its benchmark being $64,000 during April. Lots of experts predicted $100,000 before the end of the year, which made lots of investors both old and new investing more into BTC hoping it will reach the expected $100,000 before the end of 2021. 


After two weeks when the price reached its best price tag it started dropping down slowly, until the issue of Chinese BTC crack down emanated during first week of May. That drastically took the coins down not only BTC but all coins in the market. 


Now they're simply on the dark horse, those earlier hype are long gone, the talk at the moment is simply on how the coins will improve and at least get to their previous benchmarks and not even moving to new benchmark cos its unlikely cos of the ongoing bearish run. 


Do you still believe BTC will reach the $100,000 before 2022 with the uncertainty surrounding it??