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Where did you learn about BTC?

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BTC have existed for more than 10 years before I developed interest to learn and earn from it. When I heard about BTC I never started to invest around it. I heard about it first time in the year 2016, after seven years of its inception in the digital ecosystem. During that time, I was thinking its simply another scam project in the internet world. Cos, lots of people have already encountered online investment scam during that year. That's why I didn't pay attention first time to it.


But as time goes on, my friends in the school started talking about their success investing around Cryptocurrency especially BTC, I asked them how did they do it?? But they didn't make me understand, that's when I knew their is something tangible around BTC. I started making researches around it, which is early 2020 when covid19 struck the entire earth earlier on. I gained positive reviews around it, through numerous positive comments made by its enthusiasts via google search, that's when my love went up for BTC. 



I'm still with BTC, and I've known other coins too, building my portfolios around numerous of them, earning my fair share of profit in the process, and still hungry for more. Just that the bearish run have limited my chances of more financial success around Cryptocurrency. But I'm optimistic the time of bullish will hit again, and financial success will come again. 

When did you discover BTC?? 

And when did you start investing around the coin??