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Reasons Why you need to invest In BNB coin

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Between the last month of 2020 and the month of March 2021 , investors saw the price of the BNB coins rise from $56 to $700 . What could have caused this rise ?

Binance was able to achieve this height ( even though the price has fallen down to $300) because of their USE CASES that was created through the Binance smart chain. BSC made it possible for projects to launch on it network and this made it possible for users of this projects to acquire BNB ( smart chain ) in order to be able to use the BSC project they want.  

Secondly , projects launching on the launchpad uses BNB for people who want to be part of the launch pool. 

Now , it is true that Binance is facing many Regulatory attacks but this does not  deny the fact that Binance coin has great Future.  First , their monthly burn reduces supply and thus increases price of the coin. 

The projects using the BSC network needs BNB to be able to use the network thus there will always be demand in the market.