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Do you think Coinbase complete features will be available to all?

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Its never a new thing, Coinbase is selective when it comes to making their exchange platform available for complete access to rest of the world people. Only the top county users can boast of accessing coinbase complete features that allows them using their advanced trading feature. Such kind of access isn't allowed for those of us coming from the lower tier countries. 


We can only access the sending and receiving options at Coinbase. But when it comes to trading coins, exchanging or converting of coins to the other, buying of coins etc, is disabled for the lower tier countries. That has made users from the lower tier countries to feel disillusioned around Coinbase, comparing it to that of PayPal's rules. Their is no doubt, Coinbase and PayPal are the same when it comes to accepting people from the lower tier countries to use their full features. 


That's why I abandoned it to using Binance, since I can access almost all features of Cryptocurrency transactions at Binance including trading, P2P trading method, buy, sell, conversion of coins etc. Made me feel at home when it comes to crypto transactions. 


Do you think a day will come when Coinbase will enable rest of the world using its full features like Binance did??

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Ever since I have known coinbase , they have been strict with their operation presenting it full usage to a particular tier. When the Binance exchange came into the CRYPTOSPHERE , I thought that Coinbase will see them as a strong competitor and thus change their way of operation but nothing happened. I think they have their reasons for restricting their services to a specified number of countries. 

Well , it might be possible for them to change in coming years but we cannot tell now , we will only hope for it to happen. However , people are very much comfortable with Binance exchange site , so they won't really be interested in Coinbase anymore.