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Have made any reward through Coinbase 'Earn?

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Coinbase earn is a Q&A forum set aside by Coinbase team to test the knowledge of its users around Cryptocurrency through diverse questions centered around Cryptocurrency. When the users answers correctly they earn crypto reward for every successful questions answered correctly in the forum. 


  1. Their are people I've met on other forums and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Who told me that they usually earn around $10-$15 a day through the questionaire forum section at Coinbase, called the "Earn'. But unfortunately, the Coinbase Earn section doesn't work for all countries, it is directly towards the top tier country users to earn from. 


That's why I didn't push myself further when I learned that it is mainly for some selected countries of choice by Coinbase developers to participate in their Earn section. 


Is their any one here from the top tier country who have participated before and earned from the Q&A Earn section?

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Earn was a survey site for cryptocurrency, tokens, and blockchain platforms where the participants with a verified account could participate on cryptocurrency niche surveys and earn at least $1 per survey. Coinbase acquired the earn program and now you can ear cryptos and tokens by participating on various offers on Coinbase. In order to use this offer, your account needs to be KYC verified. The offers are available in all countries where coinbase is supported, not just the top tier countries. 

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I have seen many coinbase earn campaign but sadly I have not been able to earn from it , especially from the fewer ones available for my country. This has made me change my mind towards using the Coinbase earn campaign .  

Another thing is that Coinbase seems to be concerned with top tier countries like UK and thus most of their earn campaign are for them. Their full services are many for them because some tiers can receive and send out coins but cannot swap or withdraw to Fiat.