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Why is Binance More popular than Coinbase ?

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Coinbase is a US based cryptocurrency exchange site which has been in existence before the coming of the big exchange site , Binance. It is surprising that Coinbase has lost it's glory to Binance under one year. What could be the reason behind this ?


Coinbase has enticing features in it's platform but these features seems to be suitable for those in US and UK. This made it difficult for people from other low countries to use the platform.  Some coinbase users before can only receive and send  crypto but they are not able to withdraw to Fiat Currency nor deposit through coinbase.  This made these affected  Investors to seek for alternative. Binance came into the cryptocurrency world having seen the challenges faced by people across the world. They made their platform available to almost all the countries ,and offer withdraw to Fiat Currency for everyone. Their interface was also very beautiful , so people saw what they have been looking for and thus dived in to it. 


They didn't stop here , they went ahead to build their own Chain called the Binance smart Chain which helped many people to build projects on their network. Coinbase on it's own are still unable to offer their services especially Fiat Currency withdrawal to everyone and thus they won't be able to compete with Binance.