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BitcoAdz: Bitcoin Avertising Network

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BitcoAdz is a bitccoin advertising network where publishers can run ads on their site and get paid in bitcoin and advertisers can pay for advertising via bitcoin. In order to run ad campaigns, you just need to fund your account with 0.001 BTC and choose the ad format of your choice. If you are a publisher, you can run different kinds of ads and get paid once your balance is 0.001 BTC

What kind of ads BitcoAdz offer?

Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, you can try various ad formats. You can try banner ads or pop up/ pop under ads. CPM rates for banner ads and pop up/ pop under ads differ according to the traffic location. CPM rates for banner ads also varies according to the location or the targeted sites (they have a lot of partner websites)

How much can you earn?

How much you can earn from Bitcadz depends on the amount of traffic you have, if you have high traffc, you can earn really well. Is it easy to earn? Well, if you have traffic, it is easy to earn as a publisher.