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Have you been successful investing on cryptocurrency?

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Not too long ago I started with Cryptocurrency, it was early last year that I kicked off my dream to learn about Cryptocurrency and turn expert trader too. since I've been hearing information that lots of persons became millionaires holding BTC for long during its early inception. 


That made me to think deep about it, and decided to give it a try early last year. I started learning about trading, and how to buy and sell BTC and other coins. During the learning process, I decided to try my hands on investing gradually, I discovered Binance exchange. That's where my love for Cryptocurrency developed even further after I have learned the basic. 


I entered into trading first time after three months of gaining experience, it didn't turn out to be successful for me. Cos during that time the coins weren't in good shape, bearish run took them down, and made me suffer losses during my early trading days. 


I didn't give up, I only stopped for some time to monitor the progress of the coins in the market, followed trends around the crypto market, followed up crypto news update especially cointelegraph to get updates what's going around Cryptocurrency. That made me to garner experience to pick out the right coins, i made a  comeback around December last year, when I discovered that BNB coin is set to experience bull run with other coins. 


I picked two coins back in December, which is BNB and BTC. Invested reasonable amount of money into them based on the believe I had, that they'll come good. I hold the coins for the period of two months, and BTC went from $20,000+ to $40,000+ and BNB went from $25 to $250 within the timeframe of two months. That was a massive profit I made around Cryptocurrency, which enabled me to recover the earlier funds I lost back then with better profit too. That's why I'll never give up chasing more success around Cryptocurrency no matter the downtime its facing now. 


Have you been successful investing around Cryptocurrency??

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My cryptocurrency investment has really been an Interesting one for me as I have been able to make huge profits from my crypto Investment. Infact , cryptocurrency has given me much returns that no other online investment has given. 

The only challenge is that cryptocurrency is very volatile and wide , one cannot fully understand all the aspects of cryptocurrency and the Volatility can also be a challenge towards using it. 

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