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How would you compare crypto to other investments?

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Well, who has invested in Wall Street?   Did you do better with stocks, bonds etc. than with crypto?  Did you do worse or the same?   

Who has invested in real estate, or something not mentioned?   How do you compare to virtual currency stuff?

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Of course there is a difference between investing in crypto and investing in securities such as stocks and bonds, which is sure that both have different fans, young people who have a speculative spirit will prefer to invest in crypto because of the high level of fluctuation (of course, the risk is high). ) Meanwhile, securities will be more stable and easier to analyze. so it will be more suitable for investors who are conservative and afraid of big losses, so from your question I can't answer which one is better, and of course everyone's answer will be different.

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I haven't invested in crypto yet but have mentally done it and I'm glad at that time that I didn't waste my money because the bandwagon I was about to jump on seriously crashed! I forget which crypto I had my eye on, but a couple of my friends were bragging about it and I thought, "How much money would I be willing to lose" because that's how you need to think when investing. Be prepared to not make money and you'll be happy when you do.

I've invested in other ways and I've lost money in some of those investments but mutual funds seem to make us a good amount of money.

Buying a house in a desirable location has been an awesome investment too! But notice when the neighborhood changes or pricing goes down and be among the first to get out.

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At first I joined a forum that paid members in their form of "virtual currency".  That got me interested in the idea of "digital currency" or cryptocurrency.  The difference between crypto and other investments?  I started out with ZERO.  Meaning I did not need to create an account and provide identification, etc.  I just signed up at faucets with an eMail and a password.  At those faucets I earned interest on the crypto balance.  From there I sold them to my friends who wanted to buy my crypto coins.  Then finally I opened an interest-bearing account on a trading platform.  How does it compare?  I literally started crypto investing with NOTHING.  I did not have to use any of my money to get started with crypto.

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