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Cryptocurrency is now accepted at strip clubs according to recent news

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The number of uses for cryptocurrency is one of the primary factors that drive how many people will take interest in these coins, and how many are likely to venture into either investing in the coin or utilizing the coin as a form of payment. For many people, seeing the use of a coin is an indication of the confidence that people have in the coin, and therefore provides them with a sense of security. Especially when it comes to a decentralized financial system such as cryptocurrency, many believe this to be a Ponzi scheme, and having companies accepting it as a payment form is a way to bridge that gap. 


In a recent news article that was released, it has been shown that bitcoin is now being accepted as a form of payment and tip at a strip club that is based in Las Vegas. Whilst this may seem like a small development, many believe that the acceptance of cryptocurrency in Las Vegas could spread wide, leading to cryptocurrency gambling within their casinos and so forth, likely driving more investors into cryptocurrency. 


The strip club in Las Vegas currently is accepting payments via the lightning network of bitcoin, allowing for faster transactions and lower transaction costs. 

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The year 2021 has ushered in the adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method in some Institutions. Coins like dogecoin and bitcoin are now used by Malls , Visa , etc as payment method. 

The only challenge with this,  is that the shops or businesses that accepts cryptocurrency have to be careful with the rate at which they holdl these coins before converting to stable coins as they may end in loss if the price drops before they converted it to stable coins.

Most people will prefer to use cryptocurrency in strip club because of it's annoymous nature. They won't want their Fiat account to be associated with such place.