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One out of four Japanese crypto investors hold NFTs

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The revelation that Japanese investors are beginning to employ NFT is causing a stir in the Japanese financial community. According to the research, the NFT is held by 26% of cryptocurrency investors.

NFTs are owned by one out of every four crypto investors, according to Coinchecks, an NFT marketplace. Purchasing NFT is analogous to purchasing cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are now interested in knowing more about the NFTs platform, which has grown in popularity over time.

Miss Bitcoin, a Japanese cryptocurrency enthusiast, has partnered with Enjin, a blockchain gaming platform, to carry out the NFT charity project.

Content creators have found the NFT platforms to be tremendously helpful in their quest to create something worthwhile for themselves. You can create an NFT for your artwork and sell it on the NFT market. It necessitates a substantial amount of effort.

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I know that NFTs are the new investing craze but I just can't get worked up about them. My reasoning is very simple. There is nothing that exists in digital format ~ no artwork, music, games, Jack Dorsey tweets, etc. ~ nothing that I am willing pay thousands of dollars for. I am not even sure I would pay hundreds. But that's just me.

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