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Ethereum Whales are Swallowing Up FTT, OKB, and BEST

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If you were a whale, what would you HOLDL? In the wonderful world of crypto news, Ethereum whales are accumulating these 3 tokens: FTT, OKB, and BEST.  If the whales are making a big splash, guess we should find out why.


* FTX Token (FTT): What It Is & Why You Should Care - Bybit Learn (

FTX is called the “backbone” of the FTX exchange and its value has risen steadily. From $4 in December 2020 to $40+ in December 2021.


* OKB Price Prediction for 2021-2025 (

OKB is a global utility cryptocurrency issued by OK Blockchain Foundation and experts predict its price will continue to rise. As such it's a worthwhile long-term investment. Get it while it's hot!


* Investing in BitPanda (BEST) - Everything You Need to Know – (

BEST, Bitpanda's ecosystem token, runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Bitpanda is already recognized as one of Europe’s leading retail brokers for trading cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and more. It's a cheaper exchange than Coinbase.

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