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What you need to know about Binance P2P

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Binance have a P2P trading method where users go to exchange their coins when they fall short of using direct withdrawal or purchase option. At times too, the P2P presents them the best way of trading with one another anonymously without any form of trace especially for the users whose country is very much strict when it comes to crypto transactions.  


With Binance P2P method, you can trade coins successfully with one another without any form of scam, unless you're very ignorant and negligent before you can fall victim if scam. Binance P2P is secured with escrow, which makes it impossible for a buyer or seller to fall victim of scam, cos the escrow protects the buyer and seller's right until transaction is complete, then the later can confirm the payment and send the coins to the buyer. 


The coins you'll transact with around binance exchange is; BUSD, USDT, BTC, ETH, BNB, Fiat currencies like EURO, USD, AUD etc. 

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Binance exchange site has been the savior of many cryptocurrency investors especially those from countries where the use of cryptocurrency is having a lot of challenges. Their peer to peer platform has offered to these persons affected by government ban with opportunity to buy and sell their cryptocurrency for Fiat Currency. Their security measures is good as well. 

However , anyone who wishes to use the Binance peer to peer platform should endeavor to adhere with the rules and regulations laid down by the Binance team ,less he will lose his money to scammers. Nevertheless , Binance peer to peer is made in such a way that one will not be scammed unless he fails to follow the rules.