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What you need to know before trading crypto

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When it comes to trading digital coins we shouldn't just delve into it like that, we should consider the following not to repeat same mistake some users took that didn't work for them. 


The rules or guidelines we need to consider before venturing into crypto trading full-time is as follows;


* We should seek first experience first; we shouldn't have the mindset to earn money via crypto trading over night without basic knowledge or experience. Experience will guide us to trade better and avoid losses that touches the heart.  


* Trade with caution; when trading crypto, we shouldn't panic too much cos we've made loss at the moment and start trading without control, No. We should exercise caution, trade with signal, wisely and not all the time to avoid series of losses. 


* Don't trade when you are facing emotional trauma; those who suffered relationship heartbreaks, lost their love ones, and other unconditional emotional traumas shouldn't get in touch trading at the time, cos the mind isn't settled. Which will make us not to think deep, make researches, and apply wisdom towards trading. In turn it leads us to accrue losses when we insist of trading when our minds/feelings are set ablaze. 


* Trade what you can afford; This one is the most common tips which experts do give to beginners, when starting with trading. We should only trade with what we can afford to risk and not risk all we have earned for life into am investment scheme we aren't sure of. 

* Trade with a legit exchanger; This days lots of scam project is developed, cloning the legit site details, trying to deceive new comers into trading via their platform to loss funds acrimoniously. We should be watchful, and make proper research, ask questions about the best exchange site to start with before choosing the one we saw online, which is deceitful.