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Is dogecoin a good Investment ?

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Dogecoin was created as a meme token and has not been popular until Elon Musk started joking about the coin in his tweets. The joke attracted the interest of many investors because there were fears that Elon Musk will invest heavily in the coin and they not be able to buy it when the price rises as a result of his investment. During the bull period this year , the coin rose up to 71 cents which attracted more attention especially from different companies . Some companies now accept dogecoin as a payment method. 


Despite all these news , I don't think that dogecoin is quite a good coin that will attract cryptocurrency experts . My reasons are as follows ; 

The cryptocurrency world has gone above buying coins because it rises and fall . Investors buy coins with good use cases. Dogecoin has no use case , this is why new coins like Polkadot and Cardano have been able to have price value above dogecoin. 

Also dogecoin has been seen as a pump and dump coins and thus most of the investors are profit takers . They only buy dip and sell high. 


So you think that dogecoin has a good feature ?