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Ways to earn money from cryptocurrency

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It is no longer news that cryptocurrency has taken over the digital world. People have come to accept cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange and this has given it a strong ground in the world. 


There are concerns on how one can earn cryptocurrency apart from the buying during the dip  and selling during the bull tide. Below are ways to earn money through cryptocurrency ; 

1. Staking : it is very sad that people just buy crypto and allow them to be idle in their wallet ,while they wait to sell during the bull. There are platforms like Binance where one can stake his fund and receive daily or yearly rewards from them. There are cryptocurrency projects like Polkadot , Cardano , Tron that have staking contract. With this one can make money from them passively. 

2. Providing liquidity for exchange sites: The coming of decentralized exchange sites like Pancakeswap , Uniswap , Julswap, etc has made it possible for one to make money by supplying pairs of assets to these exchanges. All you need is to log into their site , look for the asset you have and see if you can provide it and earn the reward.  The challenge with this is that you are to commit two assets to generate the LP tokens. 

3. Yield farming : This is another great way to make money passively. It is similar to providing liquidity but comes with a high risk and high profit simultaneously.

4. Working in paid to post sites.: There are many paid to post sites that pay in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin , bitcoin cash and litecoin . You work there , make withdrawal and convert to any coin you want. 

5. Being Ambassadors to cryptocurrency projects . All you need is to build a good social media profile and show grwt crypto knowledge   they will contact you for such offers. 

Feel free to add yours.