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Do you see Etherum recovering to reach at least $4,000 again before 2022?

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When ETH took the crypto market by surprise during the month of February to April this year. Lots of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts thought the coin will climb towards BTC level especially when it reached $4,000 benchmark during the end of April and first week of May 2021. 


But those sweet thoughts are simply behind, Ethereum is just well adrift of its current best price benchmark which is $4,000. The question now most ETH lovers are saying; if the coin will at least get to its previous price benchmark of $4,000 from now till end of December 2021. The current price is around $1,800-$1,900, and its very much in the shadows of its best price benchmark of $4,000.  


It will be hard for the coin to even get to that mark based on the ongoing bearish run and uncertainty reckoning the digital coin market. No one knows when the bearish run will be over, so the coins return back to their best, and moving up. I'll simply say its unlikely based on the current state of Cryptocurrency. But crypto is full of surprises, anything can still happen. 


Do you see ETH climbing at least back to its previous benchmark of $4,000 before 2022?

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Despite the fact that I am one of the few persons with the opinion that cryptocurrency price shouldn't be predicted , I believe that ethereum may be able to surpass the $4000 price value . The dip in the market affected it a lot but for the past two days , it has started regaining strength and will likely surpass the $3000 price value as it is already around $2300 as of this morning. 

The ethereum 2.0 upgrade will also help to make ethereum more attractive to customers especially with respect to the issue of gas fee. There were many buys on ERC-20 tokens in the past few weeks due to reduction in ethereum gas fee. If the ethereum 2.0 becomes fully functional , and the gas fee further reduced , there will be more investors which will make the price to rise simultaneously.