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Why you need to Invest in Ethereum

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Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency in terms of Market Capitalization and has indeed attract the attention of many investors despite the high gas fee associated with transaction on the ethereum network.

Some analyst have predicted that ethereum will hit $10,000 before the year runs out as it has seen many defi projects and Non fungible tokens in it's network. 

It will be nice to invest in ethereum now because there is signs that it is going do very well in coming months due to the fact that it has many USE CASES. Some of which are the ability to accept and interact with smart contracts , the comfortable environment for projects to be launched on it's network. These will increase it's market Capitalization and will also draw more projects to it's network, all these will contribute to it's rise in price. 

Ethereum contracts can expire which will make it possible for the supply to be reduced and thus a rise in scarcity and simultaneous increase in price.