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Andy Warhol's Art Works Will Be Sold as NFTs

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Even if you don't know art, you know the name of the artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987). When he passed away he left his wealth to close family members. The family who just knew him as “Andy” did not realize he was rich and famous. They obviously did not keep up with the art world. They were genuinely surprised when they were told how much his artworks were worth. Well! I don't know who is managing Mr. Warhol's wealth these days, but whoever they are, they are keeping up! Mr. Warhol's art works are being sold as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. “It’s the latest merger of crypto and art as dealers, artists, and collectors aim to monetize and trade works with blockchain technology.”


The NFT market is booming!  In May 2021, an art work by an artist named Beeple sold for $69 million.

~ I'm scratching my head and thinking: 'Really? Who is Beeple???'

At least three works by Warhol will be sold as NFTs starting on Dec. 4 through the site. One is a Campbell Soup silk-screen on a T-shirt from 1982, priced at $125,000. Another is an “Art” T-shirt from 1980, at $95,000. A third is a silk-screen of a Volkswagen Beetle on a canvas from 1977, priced at $600,000.”



  • NOTE: I left a comment at another discussion thread in this forum titled “One out of four Japanese crypto investors hold NFTs”, posted by Reedex. It looks like I need to change my attitude about NFTs. 😀 


REFERENCE:  Fonda, Daren. “Andy Warhol NFTs? Crypto Is Colonizing the Art World.” Barron's, Dow Jones & Company, Inc., 2 Dec. 2021,


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I don't know Beeple is the name of a person or thing, according to rumors Beeple is the name of a person, Mike Winkelmann, How does he sell it, whether in the NFT marketplace or at auction, paid for with fiat money or paid for with crypto. . Because, I created a thread in another forum, How to create NFT and how to sell it on OpenSea