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Do you see future in collecting NFTs

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NFT is an acronym for Non Fungible Token. It is the newest trend in the digital world which can come in form of music , art works and designs. The world accepted it and gave it a monetary worth which saw NFT sell as high as $1 billion. 

Like cryptocurrency , NFT can be sent out and received and it can be created on a network. For those built in networks like ethereum and Binance smart chain , one still need to pay gas fee to be able to send or buy it. For those built on the atomichub network , one only need to have enough Ram and CPU to be able to send out or Receive NFTs .

Anyone can create cryptocurrency and list it in the market and this has lead to tons of NFT existing in the market. Most times some creators spends months before their art is bought in the market unlike NFTs from popular bodies like Twitter , Binance , Celebrities.  It appears that it is more suitable for popular people. 

As a collector or creator of NFT who is not an Influencer in the society , do you think that you can easily get money from your NFT ? . I have listed some NFT collected from new artists for sale but have not been able to sell much. The ones from popular groups have been sold easily.


Do you think that NFT will stand the taste of time considering the fact that anyone can create and  list an NFT ?