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Will SEC defeat Ripple in the Ongoing Lawsuit ?

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The Ripple and SEC ( Security and Exchange Commission ) has been on for long now and it has triggered many people's interest especially the lovers of Ripple as it appears that Ripple will win the case .


The case started late last year when SEC allegedly called Ripple a security and say that Ripple and its corporate executives made $ 1.3 billion in unregistered sales.  in their defence Ripple has demand that the documents which excluded Bitcoin and Ethereum from being security be brought to court and use to compare XRP documents.  SEC have been trying to pull it the use of such method but it didn't go well for them as the court instructed that they should bring it to court. 

Ripple price which fell down up to 20 cents has risen up $1.70 ever since the lawsuit process looks bright for Ripple. The Ripple and SEC case is set to be concluded by August 16. SEC has not lost any case since their inception but it seems that they are not going to be victorious with this present lawsuit. 

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