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Why is Tron still Struggling in the crypto Market ?

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Tron popularly known as TRX has been in the cryptocurrency market long before the introduction of coins like Polkadot , Cardano and Solana but sadly , these coins have been able to rise above Tron in both market Capitalization and price Value. 

This has been of concern to many investors of this coin especially during the dogecoin rally. A lot of people thought that Tron will rise along side with dogecoin but that didn't happen much.

When it comes to use cases, Tron can be deployed in smart contracts and can accommodate projects to be built on it's platform. It is surprising that the price of this coin has not ready risen well. It also have a special wallet and has seen many networks such as Trc-10 and Trc-20. 

What do you think could have been the issue with Tron despite having what  it takes to survive strongly in the cryptocurrency market ? , Could it be that the developers are not doing their job well ?