What is Hyperfund? Can You Actually Make Money on Hyperfund?

In this article we will answer the following questions:

  • What is Hyperfund?
  • Is it Legit Investment Platform?
  • Can you actually make money
  • How to invest in hyper fund?
  • How to withdraw from hyper fund?

Since the beginning of the internet, there have been more and more programs that have been created for people in order to make money. It looks like there have been several projects and programs that have claimed that they invest money in stock market and many other forms of businesses in order to make money. They claim that they invest the funds of investors and make profits. One such kind of company is Hyperfund. The domain URL of this company is “thehyperfund.com”. In this article, we shall review this program and see if it is actually a genuine investment opportunity or a scam.

What is HyperFund?

When I accessed the Hyper Fund’s website for the first time, I was not at all surprised, as the design of the website is quite similar to many other kinds of HYIP sites. It’s website is not at all designed in a professional way, however, it would be unjust to judge a site by it’s design alone. So I delved deep into it in order to find how does the company generate revenue. HyperFund was supposedly founded by Ryan Xu. Ryan Xu is a well-known businessman who recived his early education from shanghai Jiao tong university. However, just because a company was allegedly founded by a billionaire, this does not mean that you will definitely earn money.

Basically, The Hyperfund company claims that they invest the depositors’ money into crypto trading and many other forms of crypto trading platforms that are quite similar to Binance. HyperFund’s creators have stated that they have created a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) system that shall cater the needs of cryptocurrency users. HyperFund claims that they are a kind of company that provides flexible solutions to the problems encountered by crypto enthusiaists and this is why they have been working on several projects and high-quality products in order to find innovative ways to solve various kinds of issues faced by cryptocurrency lovers. Some of their products and services include:-

HyperFin – Providing loans in order to earn interest, helping merchants with payments, and managing wealth in order to make profits.

HyperPay – A safe, multi-functional wallet that helps traders and merchants to make and receive payments.

HyperMining – Supplying highly-efficient, energy-saving crypto mining hardware in order to mine more coins with less power.

HyperTalk – A fast and impressive instant messaging software that can help ecrypto enthusiasts to connect with each other effectively.

HyperFund claims to provide much more than this. However, the main money making aspect of HyperFunds is its ROI (Return On Investment) program that attracts many investors. HyperFund provides three kinds of “HyperDrive Memberships”:-

– HyperDrive Membership (1,000 HU/Membership) provides 3X Leverage. The total amount an investor is required to invest is $1,000 and the investor will get a $3,000 (3,000 HU) returns on investment.

– HyperDrive Membership (500 HU/Membership) provides 3X Leverage. The total amount an investor is required to deposit is $500 and the investor will get a $1,500 (1,500 HU) returns on investment.

-HyperDrive Membership (300 HU/Membership) provides 3X Leverage. The total amount an investor is required to deposit is $300 and the investor will get a $900 (900 HU) returns on investment.

* Note:- HU stands for Hyper Unit.

HyperFund investors can use cryptocurrencies like Tether to deposit funds and they may use many different kinds of digital tokens to withdraw their ROI (Return On Investments) and they may buy as many investment packages they want.

Final Thoughts

In May 2021, TheHyperFund were allowing their users to withdraw the ROI (Return On Investments) using the MolecularFuture (MOF) token. It was the point when TheHyperFund probably depended on the price of MolecularFuture token to pay off their investors. When people withdrew the returns on investment through MolecularFuture token, the price of the token increased as more and more people were buying the token. However, price fluctuated greatly when people probably sold the token. In the year 2017, the same thing happened when TheHyperFund invested in HyperCash Token.

This means that investors must be careful while investing in TheHyperFunds. Moreover, the company has a bad reputable. This is because it was declared as a potential scam by the New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority has stated that TheHyperFund does not have proper license to carry out financial activities in the country, but still it is recruiting investors from New Zealand. In short, people must be careful when investing funds with TheHyperFund.

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  1. Oh my! I have never heard of this company and I am already terrified. What is interesting is that there are public reviews at Trust Pilot and the site is ranked 4.4 out of 5 stars. There are several reviewers praising this site. But I am more inclined to “be wary” based on the statements from the dissatisfied users. Their words seemed brutally and painfully honest. I think I will steer clear.

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